A message from our CEOMartin Burlingame CEO

I get requests all the time about insurance for School Bus Conversions (aka Skoolies). When we launched our program for tiny home insurance, there was a narrow scope as to what qualified as a “tiny home.” We were the first to offer coverage for travel protection and theft protection but this was a homeowners policy.

I recently returned from the 2017 Tiny House & Living Simply Jamboree in Arlington, TX and all the skoolie owners DEMANDED insurance options. However, skoolies are a whole different ballgame. They need auto physical damage (comprehensive and collision) because they have engines. They need to be written as auto policies.

Perspective: If you invest in an asset, you want to protect it. Bus conversions are going to be comparable to auto insurance. Its a sliding scale based on the price of the bus + Upgrades + packages.

There is little competition, because we are the first and only solution for converted school buses. We just want to provide a reasonable insurance solution for skoolies.


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